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Sports massage and injury clinic Tiverton
Level 4/5 Sports massage & 
Soft tissue therapy

Swedish massage  Gym instructor

Everyone can benefit from sports massage and soft tissue therapy for pain and injury  Including everyday aches and pains and more complex persistent pain or just relax and relieve stress with a Swedish massage

Incorporating massage into your training plan can help keep you injury and pain free
I can help get you to the startline and
achieve your goals in optimum condition - Massage Tiverton - Free parking

Sports massage and injury clinic based in
Tiverton with free parking, serving Cullompton, Wellington, Taunton, Crediton, Exeter and surrounding areas in Devon

Helen Hunter - Sports Therapist Level 4
Keeping up to date in the industry
ISRM BTEC level 5 Soft tissue therapy

Sports massagesoft tissue therapy, deep tissue & Swedish massage
Pain back/shoulder/neck/leg/hip and knee injuries and strains, everyday aches, pains and stress related tension
Injuries calf, hamstring, rotator cuff, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, piriformis syndrome, shin splints, achilles tendon, IT band and many more.  Sports massage will help prevent and improve recovery time with injury, improve performance and recovery after training

Pre and post operation reduces healing time and pain, improves blood flow, reduce scar tissue and restores range of movement

Chronic pain sciatica, musculoskeletal (MSK) nerve pain, polymyalgia, fibromyalgia and more, my experience and why I became a therapist

Soft tissue therapy muscle energy techniques (PNF), trigger point therapy and myofascial release 
Free consultation and treatment plans included 


Sports massage Tiverton, injury clinic Tiverton and deep tissue massage Tiverton, serving the surrounding areas of Cullompton, Crediton, Wellington, Taunton Exeter, Mid Devon

Sports Injury
Sports massage, soft tissue therapy Tiverton, Devon_edited.jpg

I am a keen runner so know how important it is to get the start line in optimum condition, pain and injury free


Please feel free to check out my Strava

At I specialise in sports massage, soft tissue therapy and Swedish massage at my clinic in Tiverton. I understand the importance of utilising specific massage and soft tissue techniques to help reduce and manage pain, promote relaxation and improve overall well being. I am a certified massage therapist who is passionate about what I do and committed to providing my clients with the best possible treatment and aftercare advice

I strive to create a comfortable, safe and relaxing environment for my clients, so they get the most out of their treatment.  Whether you are looking for a massage to help relieve stress or to recover from an injury, I have the perfect solution for you keeping Devon active -  offering soft tissue therapy and sports massage Tiverton, Mid Devon and surrounding area

Strava link for sports massage
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