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Sports massage for injury and pain Tiverton
massage Tiverton

Why Sports massage and soft tissue therapy and for injury/pain

Massage is for everyone, a proven technique to reduce tension and pain in the muscles, joints and ligaments  

Massage Therapy

Benefits of soft tissue therapy and massage

Everyone can benefit from a massage even if you are not in pain or injured, it is proven to calm the nervous system and reduce stress


For sports people both amateur and professional a regular sports massage will reduce tension, improve efficiency, reduce/prevent injury and speed up recovery from activities and exercise

Regular massage will ease tension for general muscle aches and pains associated with work and everyday activities, lower and desensitise chronic pain including sciatica, nerve pain, fibromyalgia and polymyalgia, improve muscle skeletal and postural issues

Just a few of examples of injuries and pain I can help you with 
keeping Devon moving!

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