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Happy dog! Wonder what goes on in his head? Click to see video!

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Walkies on the river Exe in Tiverton , Devon. Super lucky to have the river so close by ideal for walking the dog and having somewhere to relax and watch the wildlife. Often see kingfishers and herons along with various species of ducks, geese and the Swans. He is such a happy dog

Obviously being a spaniel he loves to swim and play ball in the river, trying to keep his out of the leat is the problem otherwise he will be floating all the way the Heathcote factory in town!.

The Exe Valley is a beautiful and unspoilt area of the Devon countryside. The River Exe rises Exe Head at a height of 1450 feet or 44 meters, near the village of Simonsbath, on Exmoor just 8.4 kilometres from the Bristol Channel coast. It then flows over 60 miles through Tiverton and concludes it journey at Exmouth.


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